Music: NY2LA – Press Play

I really like this group.



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7 responses to “Music: NY2LA – Press Play

  1. A love from above… that is entirely imaginary.

    Change will not come from anywhere else but us. Religion has a long and outstanding history of blocking every sentiment expressed in this video but attributed to god. Until people open their eyes and support the equality and dignity of all simply on the merit of being human and part of planet earth, we will continue to have the kinds of artificial and destructive differences that separate believers into their competing camps.

    It’s time to wake up and see this video for the hypocrisy it projects on behalf of Delusional Thinking (aka god).

    • Religion has been misused, but it is difficult to say that it has blocked every sentiment that the video has expressed.

      I like the idea “the merit of being human” but that is rather unnatural for people to do. I suppose to is similar to the merit of being a dog or the merit for being a fish, except that humans do not honor that any more than the fact of simply being human.

  2. Sis

    Let’s start a revolution! Love the music, love the rhythms, thanks for sharing!

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