Grace and is it Enough?

Lately, I have been reading Pure Grace: The Life Changing Power of Uncontaminated Grace by Charles Whitten and it has really working me over.

Grace is a big thing for Christians, but it seems like it is often misunderstood.

With grace we see the unmerited love and favor of God.  We see that grace is the favorable influence of God towards man and by it we have a renewing of the heart and a restraining of sinning.  Grace can also be seen as the application of Christ’s righteousness towards the sinner.

Whitten puts out the idea that with grace, all sins are forgiven, so there is no need to constantly go back and ask for forgiveness.  Since by grace we were saved and Jesus paid the price for all sins, so why do we keep asking for forgiveness from something we have already been forgiven for?

It makes sense, but are we really asking for forgiveness every time we sin?

I get in the habit of asking forgiveness, but it is more an act of repentance then thinking I am not forgiven for a sin and somehow separated from God.  The problem is that there are many people out there that live in fear of being separated and losing salvation.

One of the problems I have / had while reading is the desire to keep objecting to what Whitten is saying about not worrying about sin with a “but wait” comment.

With grace, I often see people take the approach that grace gets us saved, but works keep us there or that grace covers everything so sin no longer pertains to us.  Where is the happy median or is there one?



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2 responses to “Grace and is it Enough?

  1. I have always used the concept of grace in a sense of ‘forgiveness’ – I find them inter-changeable.

    People that are ungracious do not forgive very well, they hold grudges and remember the wrongs of other quite well. People that are gracious forgive others, move forward, and try repair relationships. That’s what i have found in life.

  2. Is Grace really the unmerited favor and love of God? Does ANYONE merit God\’s love and favor? I think that Grace is God\’s power at work in us. The power to be called sons of God. Mercy picks us up when we fall, but grace helps us not to fall in the first place. Our Christian Life is a relationship with Jesus. If I do not worry about what was so serious that God had to suffer and die on the cross for, what do I then worry about? When a husband asks forgiveness from his wife for hurting her, he\’s not asking so that she will not divorce him, but is asking because he realizes he has hurt her, and he wants to show he regrets it. When you see grace as the power to live right, you will then understand that salvation does not come about because you recited somethings, but because with God\’s grace, you worked it out. Which is why Paul tell us to work out our own salvation. That is how we are saved by grace through Christ. If with grace, all sins are forgiven and there is no need to ask forgiveness, then, staying true to that reasoning, there is no need to give one\’s life to Jesus in the first place, since Jesus died some 2000 odd years ago, and his mercy already covers that. See how silly that sounds? God is a logical God. That is why in Isaiah, He told us to come and reason with Him. When someone says something like this, we can sit down, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, decide if it is really true, or if the man talking is just hungry.


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