Follow Me to Live Like Jesus

Last week, I finally received my copy of David Platt’s new book called Follow Me.  I preordered it from Amazon when I first heard about it and have been trying to patiently wait for it to be officially released.  While I have not finished the book yet, from what I have ready, I have to say wow!

The message that Platt brings the reader is not a new one to the Christian world, even if his delivery is somewhat different.  I remember the first time that I read what Platt was saying was in Watchman Nee’s The Normal Christian Life and then recently in Kyle Idleman’s Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus.  Both are really good books and would be valuable to anyone in their Christian life.

Despite personally hearing the message from several sources, I know there are many Christians who are missing out on the truth the Platt has been called to share.  The message is that Christians, for the most part in the West, have been living a watered down version of what we are called to live and in some cases those who are claiming Christianity are not saved at all.

I know it becomes a touchy subject when you imply that someone might not be saved, but I truly believe it is something that we need to discuss if we want to deal honestly with the state of affairs in the Church today.  Often what we are seeing, regardless of tradition, is that people are living a “churchy” life and not a Christ centered life.  It is easy to confuse the two as we are often told that our lives should revolve around the church when we become saved and I am not totally disagreeing with this teaching.  The problem that we are finding is that we are not living out the life we have the same way Jesus would.

I will admit that it is much easier to say you want to live like Jesus that to actually do it.  It takes a level of commitment that for the most part, we are afraid of giving.  I want to live like Jesus, but it scares me.  I get scared of the rejection and the mocking that will come from that choice, but I honestly feel like so much is missing from my life by not living that way.

There is so much to write on about this, that it will be my focus for a while to come.  I urge you though; to read any or all of these books and let God speak to your heart.  Open yourself up to the possibility of being convicted or challenged in the level of dedication that you willing to give to God.  You will not be disappointed.


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2 responses to “Follow Me to Live Like Jesus

  1. Also recently purchased “Follow Me.” Challenging thoughts. My good friend who is now in Senegal serving Jesus, told me recently that people have often asked him why he would want to load his wife and small children up and go into a third world country to suffer. He simply responds, “Take my life and drop it into the book of Acts and it fits perfectly. Try doing the same with the American Dream’s version of Christianity.”

    Another quick recommend good friend. “The Trellis and the Vine.” Take care and blessings.

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