What are your Experiences with Spiritual Gifts?

I am a charismatic, for lack of a better term.  I fully believe that the Holy Spirit is working in parts of the Church just has was done in the first century.  During my time as a charismatic, I have seen both good and bad uses of “spiritual gifts”.  I have seen people healed physically and emotionally and I have see people harmed through misuse and outright abuse.

I am curious as to what others have experienced in their dealings with spiritual gifts.  Please leave a comment and share so that we can see both the good and bad that is out there while raising awareness of what is going on.


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4 responses to “What are your Experiences with Spiritual Gifts?

  1. I have seen people healed physically…

    What you think you see is not equivalent to what is true or real. If any physical healing actually worked this way, what you saw would be in conflict with what we know of how reality operates. This is a clue that what you think you saw is probably not what actually happened, that you have fooled yourself into a false belief with false attributions, false agencies, and false conclusions. The case would be different if amputated limbs grew back, that removed organs spontaneously poofed into existence, that cellular death through damage could be reversed by charismatic interventions. But this simply isn’t the case, is it?

    Xander, we shouldn’t fool ourselves because negative consequences are increased when we do so, and we sometimes forget that we are the easiest people in the world to fool… once we decide to empower our beliefs rather than trust our knowledge.

    • I agree, the supernatural does not always follow the rules of reality.

      I have seen people diagnosed with stage 3 cancer go in and be declared cancer free before any treatments had begun. Now according to reality, the body will not heal itself and eject cancerous cells without intervention, but it occurred. Now you might want to consider this an exception or abnormality and I agree with that in part. The only difference is I assign it as a result of agency while you would probably state that the resulting agency is unknown. Despite that, the event did happen and was recorded, so the “miraculous” healing did occur.

      • Now according to reality, the body will not heal itself and eject cancerous cells without intervention…


        Of course the body is capable of healing itself. That’s what it does all the time, with varying degrees of success! Typical cancerous cells are very dangerous because they are normal cells that do not die normally but continue to reproduce (clumps of cells forming highly vascular tumors and spreading and metastasizing where they cause havoc). If the body can somehow recognize these ‘normal’ cells to be abnormal, then the body’s natural defenses can kick in and attack them like it would any other invader… again, with varying degrees of success. That’s (typically) how modern treatment tries to work, to get the body to identify the abnormal cells and kill them. But sometimes the body does this on its own, and we call this kind of response ‘spontaneous remission’. It happens, not nearly often enough, but it does happen. Additionally, there is a pretty strong argument that, if we live long enough, all of us will die from cancer because all of us will eventually produce cells like these.

        To attribute cancer remission to some interventionist mysterious agency is a throwback to the ancestral practice of slapping supernatural explanations unrelated to reality to cover up what otherwise would be accurately labeled as ‘ignorance’. This is charismatics in a nutshell. There is no compelling evidence for any such agency; there is only the appearance of events that are easiest to explain by attributing causation to this mysterious agency. Rain dances do not explain how weather works any more than charismatics explains spontaneous remissions.

      • “Challis and Stam, even more at a loss, concluded in 1989, “In summary, we are left to conclude that, although a great number of interesting and unusual cases continue to be published annually, there is still little conclusive data that explains the occurrence of spontaneous regress”

        I will stick with attributing it to God. It is good as an explanation as science has come up with to explain spontaneous regressions.

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