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Where Does Morality Come From?

I understand the problem people have with religion.  I see similarities in all religions yet only hold too one as the true religion.  I could try to be intellectually honest and say that it is the similarities that are what are true so that is what should be held to.  Peace, love, compassion, etc.

With this, you either arrive at the universalist stance that all are saved once we revert back to our true selves or come more into alignment of the agnostic and atheist who say we do not need a god as we are basically all the same but holding to whatever beliefs as a security blanket.

Here is my problem with the first position.  Universalism says that all people will be saved, but there is no justice in that logic.  We as people live by rules and order for the society.  Justice is programmed into us and this position rejects everything that is natural to human nature.

My problem with the second position is that saying we are all the same rejects human nature as well.  Yes, we all live and will die and something may or may not happen when we are dead.  That used to be my line of thought, but where did morals come from?  Not from religion as religions have different standards as to what is morally correct, but it is not part of the nature of animals, which if being scientifically honest, that is what a person really is.  You see bits of altruism in the wild nature, but it is more of a rarity than a regularity.  It is not natural of animals, yet we want to claim that is or should be a natural part of humanity.  Why?  How do we explain the moral position that humanity claims which thus leads back in to that whole pesky justice thing?  What animal will seek justice when it’s young is killed?  What animal will seek justice when someone they care about is harmed?  This is not a natural emotion of animals.

Since we all know evolution is true, at least on a micro level, would it stand to reason, if we are being scientifically honest, that other animals’ species would have developed these same traits?  Maybe not to the same degree as humans, since we have thumbs and we all know that thumbs make us morally superior, but shouldn’t we see more similarities in animal societies compared to human societies in order to really see how we are just another form of animal?

But we do not so we must reason, with scientific honesty, as to where did this whole moral sense come from.

Any ideas?



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Trust of a Friend

A friend of mine just came out as an atheist to me today. She knows me well enough that I didn’t condemn her nor tell her I would pray for her. I do pray for her, but we have already had the conversation about how that statement seems a little condescending. I think she said when someone tells her that that it seems like they are saying they are right and she is wrong. I assured her that of course that is what they are saying but to them it sounds reassuring rather than an insult. Just shows that even well intentioned comments can be hurtful.

It was nice that she felt comfortable enough to express herself and her beliefs. I tried to restate them to make sure she understood that I know where she stands. It was all rather quite nice. I will still pray for her and we will end up talking about this again, but there is no judgment towards her from me. People usually don’t just end up atheist without something to help get them there. For me, it was a lack of answers. It was the same for her. I imagine it is that way for a lot of people.

I stopped assuming awhile back that people all believed the way I believe. I know that most people don’t. There are similarities of course, but there are fewer and fewer people who hold the same beliefs I do about God. I think it helps to be honest about that in order not to isolate yourself from others. If you assume too much about people, they are unwilling to share with you because you really don’t know them.

It is hard hearing that when you feel like they will be lost. If the person is truly your friend, wouldn’t you honestly want them to be saved? I have to balance that desire with the knowledge that God works in His own time. If I rush the process, not only will I hurt my friendship, but I am basically communicating to the world that I don’t trust God to take care of it. Patience is not always my strongest attribute, but it seems like the one God is always working on. He will prevail.


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