The One Who Overthrew God

I was reading a comment someone made about R.C. Sproul’s “Renewing Your Mind”. It appears that Mr. Sproul made the comment that

“There wasn’t an Arminian to be found in the early Church. Every early Christian believed in the sovereignty of God.”

I do not take offense to these types of comments, since Sproul is right. Arminianism did not come around until later in the history of the Church, so no one would have considered themselves to follow a theory by a man who had yet to be born. On the flip side, there were no Calvinist, as John Calvin had yet to be born as well. Not much shock there.

Something I do find interesting is the slight that Sproul was trying to make that people believed in the sovereignty of God back in those days. It is interesting when someone is trying to imply that sovereignty is denied is a person chooses to violate or disobey the law of the land.

If I choose to disobey, that does not mean that the law no longer has authority over me. I have not invalidated its authority or power by disobeying. It simply means that I have yet to be held accountable to that authority, as it has yet to express its authority over me. The authority is still in place, for it was established by a higher power than I. As much as I might like the world revolve around me, it simply does not work that way.

One day, all people will acknowledge the power and ultimate authority of God, as every knee will bow in His presence. The Bible says that God’s authority will be enforced and displayed to all people, so why do we get so worked up when we see someone violating it now? Maybe it is a sense of justice that has been instilled in us. Regardless, the authority of God will never be undermined by my actions or thoughts.

Calvinism: God needs Man to be Glorified

I have been slowly moving away from the Arminian / Calvinism debate as in most cases that I have observed, it becomes more of a bickering into who is right and it drifts away from pursuing understanding about God and does very little to glorify God. I read an email chain about an article at the Gospel coalition in which there was a discussion over Exodus and the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart as proof of Calvinism and that God forces man to respond in certain ways in order for Him to be glorified. I made an exception and went to read it and the comments, and it struck me that the Calvinist stance came across that God was dependant upon man. That is amusing as one of the biggest complaints against Arminians is that “free-will” challenges the sovereignty of God and makes Him dependant on man.

Not going to get into a long discussion over this, as it serves no real purpose towards salvation or reconciling man back to God. I just thought it was funny and wanted to share.