When the Sower Moves the Seed

Do you ever get the feeling like the Holy Spirit is trying to tell you something, but the message is coming in rather muffled?

Last year, I wrote something about the parable of the sower that has recently been coming to mind.  It is not that I have been thinking it, but more like watching a dream sequence but I was awake.

I could clearly see a person half buried in the dirt with the area around the person covered in rocks.  I would watch God reach down and pick up each rock individually and remove them from the dirt around the person.  By this continual working of the soil, the person would be able to product better “fruit” as the obstacles to growth had been removed.

In the same vision, I would see a similar scene with the person looking at the rocks that have been around them, but this time the hand picked up the person and moved them to a new area.  In this new area, the soil was moist and rich and ready for the transplant.

I could not figure out what the transplanting portion represented as it did not fit within the parable told by Jesus.  It kept bothering me until I was reminded of Passover and that it celebrated the salvation God provided to the Jewish people and that He then transplanted them from Egypt to the Promised Land. 

The message I got from all of this is that God will work on the soil that is around us when that is what is needed.  If there are issues or obstacles in our life, God will work with us for these to be dealt with according to the manner in which God deems best.  The person will undergo change and growth in the area where they currently in as God works in them and they area around them. 

There are times however when God chooses to move us to another area.  The growth that God has planned for us will only come once we are literally moved from one area to another. 

I wanted to share this as I am not sure if this pertains to me or someone else.  The thought of drastic change can be scary and unnerving, but the growth that God has planned will only occur once it happens.  As a plant gets too big for a pot and needs to be transplanted, so too will a person’s ministry opportunities be stifled in their current environment.

Is Hell Unjust?

I was sent this today and found it interesting. I like the idea of short apologetic messages.

I agree with what he is saying, but I wonder if we spend too much time on hell and not enough on the relationship with God. I get the need for apologetics as we all have questions at some point, but if we never move past the questions then we get stuck on trying to make the ways of God make sense to us, which it never will completely.