Happy Post Christmas / Chanukah but Pre New Year

The holiday season is almost past and I am once again finding time to write. There are so many family activities going on plus projects at work, that my time seems stretched. Plus there are times that I am not sure what I want to share. Probably happens to everyone.

This past week was my mom and step-father’s anniversary as well as the count down to the last year of existence. That is if you hold to the Mayan calendar, which from search results show that many people are at least curious about it. From where I am with my spiritual journey, I do not mind if it ends next year, but I am not making any plans on it actually happening.

The Mayans could be just as wrong as Harold Camping. Well not wrong as often, because they have only predicted the end of the world once, but no one knows when the world will end, so why are people so worried about it? The way the movies like to depict it, no amount of stock piling water and supplies will get you through the destruction, so why not accept it and embrace life? I guess all life forms want to live so accepting death is not always logical.

So for their next anniversary, the end of the 13th b’ak’tun will occur and the world will either meet a cataclysm or a great spiritual transformation. Maybe this is the time when Jesus will return, but it doesn’t really coincide with any Jewish feasts, so I doubt that will happen. Not sure if I will plan on buying them an anniversary gift until after it passes. Why waste the money right?.

So we have completed Chanukah and Christmas. Both are holidays that religious groups practice, but neither are biblical in nature. Chanukah of course is the celebration and remembrance of the time when the Second Temple was being cleansed and the amount of pure oil that was left to light the menorah miraculously lasted 8 days instead of the 1 day that it should have. That is pretty cool. Christmas of course is the Christian version of the pagan holiday where we have decided to celebrate the birth of Christ with the giving of gifts to others. The real birth would have most likely occurred in June, but why worry about the real time frame.

I had my Christmas miracle. I went to take my car to get inspected and the man doing it told me I needed a new tire. The steel belt was poking out of the tire on the side next to the axle. Now it was flat awhile back and a can of fix a flat was added to the tire. It was cold, so when the tire started making a “thumping” sound when driving over 70 mph, I thought that the flat stuff had clumped up and was causing the wheel to be unbalanced. When I took the car to get a new tire, the man who changed it said it collapsed once it was off the car. Now I have had many times when things should have gone really bad for me, but I avoided any and all harm. For me, this was truly a grace of God type thing and I have thanked Him daily for it. Been telling others, so people can see that miracles still happen. Some people will think it was merely luck and to them I say if that makes you feel better then good. I know it was God.

I volunteer at church in the communion team. I worked Christmas eve setting up the elements and cleaning up. I am always mixed on Christmas services. You would think it would be a retelling of the “Christmas” birth story, but this year it was a recounting on how once we are saved, we are considered children of God. It was a good message, but I have heard it a few times before. As the service was letting out, several of the others who were helping with communion mentioned how many people did not know if they could leave as this was their first time at the church. For those people, maybe it really is better to here about the benefits of the resurrection over a retelling of a misunderstood birth story. I get prideful at times thinking I know better than others, but here is another time in which I was wrong. I love being humbled.

I am torn on Christmas. On one hand I find the holiday overly commercialized and totally lacking in any of the sentiment that Christians keep trying to force on it and on the other hand, I like getting gifts. This year, my dad got me a dairy goat. Not for me directly, but in my honor he donated the money in order to purchase one for someone in a third world country. This was one of the coolest gifts and something I plan on doing more often. You can see some of the projects they do at Christian Relief. I like how they bless others while empowering them to provide nourishment for themselves.

Next time I think I will address some faith issues or issues on faith.