What are your Experiences with Spiritual Gifts?

I am a charismatic, for lack of a better term.  I fully believe that the Holy Spirit is working in parts of the Church just has was done in the first century.  During my time as a charismatic, I have seen both good and bad uses of “spiritual gifts”.  I have seen people healed physically and emotionally and I have see people harmed through misuse and outright abuse.

I am curious as to what others have experienced in their dealings with spiritual gifts.  Please leave a comment and share so that we can see both the good and bad that is out there while raising awareness of what is going on.

Approaching the Heart of Prophecy

For far too long, the Church has been a people of explanation   God has not put us here to explain Him; he doesn’t need our help, and we’re not very good at rationalizing Him anyway.  We can’t explain Him, and we’re certainly not supposed to apologize for Him.  No, we are here to declare who he is.  We are here to proclaim His majesty, and the best way to do that is by living it.

– Graham Cooke

Taken from Approaching the Heart of Prophecy