Healing the Sexually Abused

I think one of the most talked about topics here is about sexual immorality. I probably get more into discussions about homosexuality, but that is more out of the misuse of biblical texts that it being a significant factor in my life. For me, there is more of a need for the church to address premarital sex and sexual abuse and people who need to be ministered to.

I love my mom, but she still cannot hear about the abuse I went through as a child. I know many other survivors of molestation who have similar stories and, at least for me, there is still a sense of being isolated because of that. I have shared my story with men and women alike and despite the initial uncertainty on how my story will be received; I am still surprised to see how many are able to relate to what I am saying. There is the shame that we carry around over an abuse that happened to us. I think more of it is that most people do not know how to relate or even respond so they reject us as a defense mechanism.

Because of my past and the burden on my heart for these people, I have taken more of an interest into ministries that want to reach out to these people and help. Sex trafficking is a big issue, but sometimes I am afraid that it overshadows the other people who are hurt as a result of immorality.

Recently, I stumbled upon the Treasures website which is more geared to women who are in the sex industry and helping to lead them out of that lifestyle. I have one friend that defends these women’s right to do what they want, which I agree with, but he fails to see how damaging the lifestyle truly is. If you have never worked in the sex industry, you most likely do not have a good idea of what it is like.

Well, I was reading someone’s blog post and saw a link to an article written by Crissy Moran. Interested in what it had to say, I followed the link and read her story. It is sad to say the least. I have listened to her story as well and just hearing the pain in her voice will move your heart. You can find her story here and listen to an interview here.

Take some time and go to Treasures and read the stories of these women. These women need support, love and encouragement as they take a stand against this lifestyle and serve as hopes and role models to the women they are trying to lead out of the life.

I am going to try and start writing more about what I have gone through and the stories of others who have shared with me. People need to know they are not alone with their pain. That is what Christ wants from us. We need to take a stance and share the pain and the deliverance we received.

I think God for Crissy and the other people who are taking a stand against this darkness and have the courage to respond and reach out to others.