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God is Punishing America through Natural Disasters

I have been curious as to why I have not seen that headline or quoted from any of the religious people who said the same thing about what happened in Haiti, Japan or even in New Orleans when Katrina hit. I hope that does not sound too harsh.

People where quick to rush in and point out how those other areas had been disobedient to God and had embraced pagan practices or the crimes against God that occurred many, many years ago, so I am assuming that the silence about what happened in Joplin or Massachusetts means it is not a retaliation by God. But why not? Because those areas do not have a reputation for carnal pleasure like New Orleans did? Because they are not in countries where voodoo and non Christian religions are dominant?

Here is why I think they have not said anything. They do not know how to resolve the kind, loving God who can punish those who do not believe in Him with the kind, loving God who would allow good people to be punished along with everyone else. That sounds a bit harsher doesn’t it.

I understand why Christians grasp on to the pre-tribulation rapture ideas like in the “Left Behind” series. No one wants to think, that because they serve a good and loving God, that they might have to endure suffering. Well, no one from the west that is. Christians in other parts of the world fully understand this concept. It is not a great way to boost church membership to say that suffering will affect the Christian. It is hard to tell people to pray to God for support and comfort when he allowed these disasters to occur in the first place. So why would these pastors rush out and proclaim judgment from God towards basically good people and basically shoot themselves and upset those people who support them financially?

Personally, I do see the groaning of the planet in the form of natural disasters as spiritually linked. I do not see it as judgment from God to punish the people, like in the Old Testament as Judgment Day has been promised for all. I see these as the spiritual reactions as humanity continues to move farther away from God and His ways. These should be warning signs to people to turn back to God.

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Really Pat Robertson?

Are we really going to sit by and let someone smugly say that the earthquake was a result of signing a pact with the devil? Where is the love of Jesus that he talks about. Why isn’t he raising money to aid and show the love of Jesus to those people. Don’t just pray that something good will come out of this. Step up and let your actions be counted, less you are counted with the Pharisees.

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