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Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

A friend wanted me to watch this since it is dear to her heart.  I support A21 and Life Today in their attempts to end this epidemic.  There is a growing level of support from the secular world, but usually, people do not want to see what is happening around them.

This video is from Exodus Cry.

If you see and refuse to do anything, then are you guilty by being complacent?



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The Christian Post had an article on how women are being affected by pornography. 30% of women studied are addicted to pornography.

I have always considered porn to be more male driven, as 67% of the men said that they looked at it at least once a month. But for that many woman to be addicted to it, reflects a lack in their life and something that is not being addressed by society or the church. They are different by the way.

Several things stood out to me, but the article reminded us of the claim that an increase in pornography would lead to an increase in violent attacks against women. Research shows that the number of sexual assaults and rape attacks on women are not increasing at the amount of porn that is out there though. Rape is actually some what on the decline. So, does that mean that the Christian outcry against porn is wrong or over hyped?

I don’t think so.

Pornography is a catalyst that will influence people on the decisions they make, but it will not cause a certain reaction to take place. While it is true that people are desensitized from being exposed to it, you are not likely to look at it and want to go rape someone. What will happen is that those people who are exposed to it on regular basis will become more desensitized and will need to change the material they are looking at. It will need to push the boundaries farther in order for them to get the rush that they felt at first. It is a process where people progress from one level to another. There is still that inner moral center that they have, so they can always determine what is and is not acceptable. Not everyone will jump to bestiality or kiddie porn, but they move from looking at a person to looking at people having sex to a group encounter. It is a process and why most new internet sites target those harder markets. Women who are bi-curious or who are considering multiple male partners. The industry follows the demand and the money.

So why are people not acting out on these feelings more? They are, but society has changed and not just the people, so it is not as hard to find people who have similar interests. Look at craigslist. They have sections for casual encounters. Be careful if you do go there, as you will see images that could very easily offend you, but it is there. Ashley Madison is a nationwide site that arranges for married people to meet other married people in order to have affairs. AdultFriendFinder and the like are there. People are not raping more because there are willing partners available that will act out the fantasies and fulfill those desires and needs.

There are more victims from porn than what we are told about though. The number of people in sex slavery is unbelievable. It is estimated to be over 21 million people. These are women and kids who are being tricked or sold into slavery in order to fulfill the sexual desires of paying clients. It could be seen as rape in the fact that these people are not wanting it to happen, but they can not go to the police. The demand is there so people looking to make money will supply it. Would this all happen if porn was obliterated? Maybe. Who is to know. What we do know is that porn helps to remove that shock value at what we see and hear. When we are not shocked or offended, but we accept it as a part of life and develop our own little apathy that contributes to the problem that we have.


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